How does Stellar compare to Bitcoin?


The main differences between Stellar and Bitcoin are the following:

  • Stellar is based on a consensus algorithm rather than mining. This means transactions confirm in a few seconds.
  • The supply of stellar increases at a fixed rate of 1% a year.
  • Stellar aims to let you transact in your currency of choice (fiat or digital).

The hope is that the stellar currency itself will be mostly a behind-the-scenes currency, and that the Stellar network will help provide more liquidity between currencies.


  • 恒星基于共识算法,而不是挖矿。这意味着交易可以在几秒钟内确认。
  • 恒星币的供应量每年固定增加1%。
  • 恒星旨在允许你交易选定的货币(法币或者数字货币)。


Do you have information about Stellar in other languages?


Our community members have been translating information about Stellar into numerous languages. (Note: We are not 100% certain of the accuracy of these translations since we do not speak all of these languages):

What are the fees for a transaction?


To prevent spam, each transaction burns 10 microstellars (that is, 0.00001 stellars). This can result in what looks like an uneven balance in your Stellar account. We’ve done our best to smooth this out in the UI, but we’re still working on the ideal experience (and would welcome feedback on the route we’ve chosen). The $USD value of 10 microstellars as of January 2015 is approximately one two-hundred-thousandths of a penny.

为防止滥用,每笔交易会烧掉(消耗)10 microstellars(0.00001恒星币)。这会导致您的恒星账户余额看起来会有很多尾数。我们已在UI上尽量优化显示,但也在努力提供更加理想的体验(我们也欢迎反馈意见)。0.00001个恒星币在2015年一月大约价值两百万分一美元。

Why is there a minimum balance?


Minimum balances help protect the network from the creation of spam accounts. You can fund an account by sending 20 STR to it, or by claiming rewards from the Stellar Development Foundation. Unfunded accounts cannot establish trust lines; each trust line requires a 5 STR reserve in addition to the 20 STR minimum balance. To establish trust lines with three gateways, a user must retain a 35 STR balance in reserve, for example: min balance 20 STR + (5 STR * 3 gateways) = 35 STR reserve.


Why do I need to authenticate with Facebook to receive my stellars?


In short, Facebook was the easiest way for us to get started with stellar distribution — it gives us an easy way to avoid people claiming stellar rewards many times. We know not everyone has a Facebook account, and over time, we hope to add additional channels. Please see our mandate for additional details.


How does Stellar store my password?


Stellar doesn’t store any record of your password on its servers. Your password is used to encrypt your secret key which allows you to access your account. The secret key is encrypted and decrypted ONLY on the user’s side, not our servers. Only the encrypted key is stored on Stellar servers. This means that Stellar cannot send you your password if you lose it, because we do not have access to that data. However, you do have the option to enable password recovery, which will give you access your account via a recovery code even if you forget your password.

恒星并不会在服务器上储存你的密码。你的密码用来解密恒星密钥以访问账户。密钥只会在客户端进行加密和解密。恒星服务器只会存储加密后的信息。这意味着,当你丢失密码时,恒星无法给你发送密码,因为我们无法访问那些数据。然而,你可以启用密码恢复选项,忘记密码时可以通过recovery code恢复码访问账户。

How can I protect myself from phishing?


Read the articles on our Help Desk about phishing and account security. If you think you are being “phished,” please report the attempt to:

You may also report phishing sites and emails to the Stellar Development Foundation by emailing phishing(at)stellar(dot)org.



How do I delete my wallet?


Navigate to the settings page in the client and click “Delete account.” You will have the opportunity to transfer your balance to another wallet. Once deleted, this action cannot be undone. For more detail on the delete and merge accounts feature, read our Help Desk article on the topic.

进入设置页面并点击“删除帐号(Delete account)”。你将有机会把余额转移到另外的钱包。一旦进行删除,动作不可撤销。想要了解更多关于删除和合并账户功能,请阅读我们的服务台相关文章

What could I build on top of the Stellar protocol?


There are too many possibilities to name, so here are a few things that people are asking for the most:

  • More gateways in more currencies
  • Mobile and trading clients
  • Tipbot
  • Merchant plugin

Longer list of ideas can be found here. We will make an interactive wishlist soon.


  • 创建更多的网关,支持更多币种
  • 移动和交易客户端
  • 打赏机器人
  • 交易插件


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